My name is Adam Shaylor. I design and build software. The web is my medium.


I’ve been making software with web languages for over ten years. I’ve worked with the biggest corporation in the world and a local fisherman. I’ve worked with a high-end winery and a budget roof rack brand.

Most of my experience is as an engineer. I’ve been the front-end lead on several projects, including one where I created a custom query language and wrote a parser for it in JavaScript.

But great software doesn’t come from engineering alone. It’s predicated on great design. To that end, I’ve surrounded myself with designers. I’ve spent nights and weekends studying and practicing, including some of the projects here.


Whenever possible, I put:

  • people over technology
  • first principles over correlations
  • design foundations over heuristics
  • function over novelty
  • coherence over optimization

As the agilists say, while there is value in the items on the right, I value the items on the left more.


“Dedicated and meticulous”
Vidal Graupera
Director of Engineering, WalmartLabs
“A champion for early prototyping”
Chandan Sharma
Principal UX Designer, WalmartLabs
“A level of rigor and focus that is rare to front-end development”
Ben Waldron
Partner, Pollinate
“Solutions rather than problems”
Josh Schield
Art Director, Pollinate


I’m fully engaged at Pollinate and not available for new work at the moment.


Whispbar retail experiences

  • visual prototypes
  • 57" touchscreen diorama development
  • iPad web app development

The Polymath Interviews

  • concept
  • wireframes
  • comps

Pollinate customizer

  • technical prototype
  • front-end architecture
  • query language and parser

Sam’s Club header prototypes

  • front-end development
  • UX design collaboration